Guide to Optimal Health

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    Complete the 30-Day Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram with PD-Ed

    Eliminate physical food addiction, cravings and awaken your taste buds to natural foods featured in PD-Ed Lesson #1, What Is The 30-Day Whole Foods Detox & What Will It Do for You
    Watch the Getting Started video for key lessons and PD-Ed content navigation tips
    Stock your pantry with PD-Ed lessons #32, 33 and 34

    Level #2
    PD 50/50 Balanced Plate Practice

    This practice focuses on balancing two out of three daily meals with starch based energy and the antioxidant protection of colorful non-starch vegetables featured in PD-Ed lesson #72, PD Practice Check-Up

    Level #3
    21 Meals to Mastery Challenge

    This is the third and final step to mastering a Protective Diet
    This practice focuses on mindful eating and the elimination of using food for any other reason than to satisfy true hunger and nourishment – featured in PD-Ed lesson #143, Mastering Mindful Eating Part 1: 21 Meal Challenge

    Master Practice
    You have achieved your health goals

    You easily continue your practice of a PD and enjoy the high energy lifestyle it offers

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