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Class #253 – Benefits of Nutritional Yeast and Making Cheez-It Crackers

Julie Marie January 14, 2020

Protective Diet Class #253 Notes:

Benefits of Nutritional Yeast and Making Cheez-It Crackers

This class highlights functional foods enjoyed on a Protective Diet and PD kitchen systems that make them a convenient part of your busy life. Functional foods keep YOU functioning and feeling your best. PD Recipes make them delicious, so benefiting daily is simple.



Functional FoodsBeta Glucan FiberMicrobiomeSerotoninNeurotransmitters
Active MeditationAnti-inflammatoryPantry StaplesDopamineAngiogenesis Inhibitors

Action Steps for Functional Food Benefits

  • Include Functional Foods Daily
  • Functional Foods=whole foods containing unique protective compounds that go above and beyond meeting your basic nutritional needs. They taste good AND they are beneficial. They add protection AND flavor, making every morsel valuable.
  • Daily intake of functional foods is easy. Enter any functional food in the green search box for multiple PD Recipes that make protection effortless and delicious. Learn the systems and techniques to set yourself up for success and ease in PD-Ed.
  • Feelings of excitement come when thinking about/eating functional foods because our healthy microbes reinforce beneficial food choices by releasing mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, making choosing these foods natural & satisfying.
Plant-Based Yogurt, Soymilk & Tofu Function: Probiotics, immune boosting, angiogenesis inhibitor, mood enhancing, high-quality protein, leavening & browning Flavor: Ground Crumbles, House Mayo, Plant-Based Stroganoff, Frittata, Cheezeburger Pizza, Yogi Bowl, Buttermilk Ranch DressingPD Ease: Get single ingredient, organic soy into your daily diet with 80+ PD Recipes. Buy soymilk by the case. Create a yogurt making system to take soymilk next level with fermentation while you sleep–enjoy plain, in recipes, as a dip, dessert drizzle, or sour cream replacement. Keep a 4 to 8lb supply of firm or extra-firm tofu. If nearing expiration, mark w/an “X” and freeze to make additive-free faux meats.Lentils & Peas Function: Fiber, protein, antioxidants, anticancer Flavor: Red Lentil Dahl, Stovetop Red Lentil Chili, Hot Diggity Dogs, Italian Sausage, Sloppy Jerry, Beefless Taco Filling, Lentil and Rice One-pot, Spices and Herb Cracker Mix, Cheez-It CrackersPD Ease: Buy red lentils in bulk. Stock your pantry with brown or green lentils, black urad/matpe, green split peas and yellow split peas. Blend lentils into flour ahead of time so these protective ingredients are ready when you are. Make cracker mixes for quick, functional convenience food.Fermented Foods Function: Probiotics, support gut health, increase nutrient absorption, fight infections, anti-inflammatory, multiply vitamins, mood enhancing, umami flavor Flavor: Kimchi, Ruby Raw Kraut, Plant-Based Yogurt, Escabeche, Probiotic Pepper Sauce, Pickled Onions, Fermented Salsa, Brine Bread, Miso Healthy RicePD Ease: 20+ fermented PD Recipes guide you through setting up a fermentation system in your Workplace for Wellness. Gift yourself with the flavor boost of ultra-protective fermented brine, toppings and condiments that stay fresh for months.
Nutritional Yeast Function: Beta Glucan Fiber, complete protein, immune boosting, mood enhancing, populates healthy microbes, promotes fast healing, regresses tumors, anti-pathogenic, reduces seasonal allergies, prevents cancer reoccurrence, source of Vitamin B12 Flavor: Spices and Herb Cracker Mix, Ultimate Cheeze Sauce, Plant-Based Cheez-It Crackers, Pasta w/Tomato Cream Sauce, Mix & MacPD Ease: Buy nutritional yeast in bulk. Nutritional yeast is a functional ingredient in PD Broth Mix giving you its many benefits/delicious flavor in a perfect daily dose. An additional 50+ PD Recipes feature nooch.Cruciferous Veggies Function: Anticancer, high in antioxidants, aid in nitric oxide production for cardiovascular health, sulforaphane, high in fiber Flavor: Asian Style Kale, Broccoli and Cheeze Sauce, EggrollsPD Ease: A PD greens system teaches you to chop/wash/dry multiple bunches of organic kale in a salad spinner. Let it air dry more on a towel. Put in a zip top bag and squeeze the air out to “vacuum” seal it for weeks of freshness. Add Dry Steamed Kale to any meal for more protection. Mix baby greens dressed lightly with vinaigrette for a simple side salad. Grow your own broccoli sprouts for major protection.
Fresh Herbs Function: Anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants Flavor: Choco Tonic, Spice Sauce, Horsey SaucePD Ease: Use the Storing Herbs Technique to keep fresh cilantro, green onion & parsley on hand for meals. Freeze bulk fresh turmeric, ginger & horseradish root. Keep a few pieces in the freezer door for easy grating into PD recipes. Freeze garlic cloves w/ skin on. This garlic press can handle them.Dried Spices & Teas Function: Antioxidants without calories, anti-aging, natural sunscreen, cellular healing, anti-cancer Flavor: Flower Water, Spices & Herbs VinaigrettePD Ease: Utilize the power that is in your spice cabinet. Spices are included in PD Recipes because of their protective qualities. Buy spices in bulk. You will use them. Drink PD Beverages to hydrate with liquid antioxidants throughout the day.
Recipes That Make Great Mixes
Mojos Spices & Herb Cracker Mix Plant-Based Cheez-It Crackers Quarantine Crackers Apple Crumble Topping Fruit Crumble Topping Banana Bread Under Pressure Pressure Cooked Chocolate Cake Cornbread Under Pressure Nutty Butter Mix & Mac
  • Make Your Own Mixes for Functional Convenience Food
  • Add another layer of functional food ease by making your own “just-add-liquid” mixes.
  • Plant-Based Cheez-It Crackers are microbiome promoting with a high dose of healthy fiber from lentils, beta glucan fiber from nutritional yeast and probiotics from brine. Make a cracker mix to get these benefits into your busy days conveniently.
  • Repurpose PD Plant-Based Broth Mix containers and applesauce jars for pantry mixes.
  • Label clearly so you know which liquid ingredients to add later. Notate “salt”/“no salt”.
  • Save Money–buy in bulk for huge savings on nutritional yeast, lentils, oats, quinoa, etc.
  • Save Time–blend flours (lentil, oat, toasted quinoa, brown rice) ahead of time:

Blend in the morning when your blender pitcher is dry. Ingredients at the ready is key.

– Measure a batch of crackers for now + 1 or more batches as dry mixes for later.

– Make a note of ingredients + bake time/temp & put it inside your cupboard door.

  • WARNING: these crackers are very high in fiber. Don’t eat the whole batch at once. Facial flushing, itching and burning of face/neck, is a rare reaction to the niacin (B3) in nutritional yeast. This is not permanent or damaging and is likely caused by eating large quantities of nutritional yeast (1 cup) in a day. Nutritional yeast intolerance can occur with IBS/Crones Disease—both fully reversible w/Protective Diet.

Cooking Tips

  • Always read the Notes and Pro Tips section on a recipe before beginning for the greatest advantage from test kitchen findings.
  • “Unfortified” nutritional yeast is not necessarily clean of extra ingredients and does not justify paying more. Fortified is fine.
  • Spread cracker batter evenly; focusing on ¼ of the pan at a time. Rotate the pan as needed. Keep edges & middle equally thick.
  • Bake crackers in the morning to warm up the house, or in the evening during dinner. Let them cool on the pan all day/night.
  • 1 batch of Cheez-Its fits perfectly in a wide-mouth quart jar. They will stay crisp, even with constant air exposure.
  • Replace silicone mats when you notice things are starting to stick. They lose their non-stick quality over time.
  • Wash silicone mats by draping over the sink divider and rubbing by hand with castile soap. Rinse. Air dry.
  • Clean as you go. Pick up each tool you use once: use it, rinse it, load it in the dishwasher or put it on a towel to dry.
  • Clean your kitchen sink with All-Purpose Cleaning Spray, which is all natural, void of toxins, and kills 99% of germs.

Student Q&A

Q: How long does it take in the blender to reach “flour” status? (38:20)

Q: Are flours best stored in the pantry or the freezer? (41:20)

Q: Are there any suggestions for how to develop a taste for the flavor of Jerry’s Organic Plant-Based Yogurt? (56:14)


  • The more we know about what is happening nutritionally in our body, the more we feel excited to get in our Workplace for Wellness and prepare our next meal and we start producing exciting results.
  • My Dream: We want to build a huge, healthy, powerful community together so wherever we are in the world there are people who are connected with a Protective Diet, so we can feel support in person as well as through our online community.
  • I want you to stay ahead of the game and get these healthy foods in your diet because there is nothing worse than your life being turned upside down by a diagnosis and having to chase what you should be eating. Adopt these functional foods and cut the cancer fertilizers out.

“It is amazing how powerful food is. When I read studies that show the healing power of nutritional yeast, I know I need to get it into my daily diet.”

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    Class Description:

    This class highlights functional foods enjoyed on a Protective Diet and PD kitchen systems that make them a convenient part of your busy life. Functional foods keep YOU functioning and feeling your best. PD Recipes make them delicious, so benefiting daily is simple.

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